Flat as a sheet.
Strong as a shield.​

Two membranes, one sheet

The Blue Foot membrane is a thin envelope of two polymeric ultrafiltration membranes, 4 mm thick, with an integrated permeate channel (IPC) in the middle. What makes this IPC® technique truly unique, is that the two layers are physically integrated into the 3D spacer fabric. As a result, the membrane is virtually unbreakable.

Our membranes are made of polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF), a highly resistant polymer. The spacer fabric is a robust, woven polyester textile with an open structure. The mechanical anchoring results in unprecedented pressure resistance in both directions. This enables the unique, unparalleled and evenly distributed high pressure backwash.

the membrane

Does your installation need an unbreakable membrane?

Multiple sheets, one module

The membrane sheets are combined into a single module, the smallest unit in any installation. One Blue Foot module consists of a number of membrane sheets side by side. The spacing of the individual sheets is critical, ensuring an equal flow along all membrane sheets. Equal spacing between the sheets ensures a uniform flow along all membrane sheets.


Multiple modules, one tower

For an optimal use of space, up to three modules can be stacked. The towers are easy to assemble, install and maintain. They are fully standardised and allow for a modular build-up of any installation. Since all modules in a tower use the same air diffuser box, both aeration and footprint are minimised.

Multiple towers, many possibilities

To optimise efficiency, maximise uptime and fulfill all your water treatment demands, towers can be easily grouped to adapt to every situation.


Where it is used


New plant realisation

The Blue Foot compact design leads to significantly lower investment costs.


Existing plant upgrade

Convert a conventional wastewater treatment plant to a reuse variant by means of a compact, bolt-on membrane separation section.


Existing plant retrofit

When membrane replacement is required, optimise the usage of the available footprint and achieve the lowest OPEX and highest reliability with Blue Foot (half size) membrane modules.


Containerized solutions

The Blue Foot modulair design enables the maximum usage of available footprint with the lowest OPEX for containerized solutions.

Does your installation require an unbreakable membrane?