Unique membrane technology
for every Membrane Bioreactor.

Blue Foot’s proprietary submerged ultrafiltration membrane translates unique product properties in attractive customer benefits.

Two membranes, one sheet

The Blue Foot membrane sheets are composed of a 3D spacer fabric  with a polymeric ultrafiltration membrane on either side, creating an integrated permeate channel (IPC®) in the middle. What makes these IPC® membrane sheets truly unique, is that every ultrafiltration membrane layer is physically integrated into the 3D spacer fabric. As a result, the Blue Foot membrane sheet is virtually unbreakable and can be truly backwashed. This is a stark contrast with other flat sheet membranes in the market, which typically consist of a thin membrane layer which is spot welded or glued to a backing material, making a backwash at a significant pressure virtually impossible.


Our flat sheet membranes are made of polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF), a highly resistant polymer. The 3D spacer fabric is a robust, woven polyester textile with an exceptionally open structure. The full surface mechanical anchoring of the ultrafiltration membrane in the 3D spacer results in unprecedented pressure resistance in both directions. This enables a unique, unparalleled, and evenly distributed high pressure backwash.

the membrane

Does your wastewater treatment plant need an unbreakable membrane?

Multiple sheets, one module

The membrane sheets are combined into a single membrane module, the smallest unit in any membrane bioreactor. One Blue Foot membrane module consists of many evenly distributed membrane sheets side by side. The spacing of the individual membrane sheets is critical, ensuring an equal flow of sludge and air along all membrane sheets.


Multiple modules, one tower

To obtain minimal footprint and minimal energy consumption for air scouring, up to three modules can be stacked. The towers are easy to assemble, install and maintain. They are fully standardised and allow for a modular build-up of any membrane bioreactor plant. Since all modules in a tower use the same air diffuser box, both aeration and footprint are minimised.

Multiple towers, many possibilities

To optimise efficiency, maximise uptime and fulfill all your wastewater treatment plant demands, towers can be easily grouped to adapt to every situation.


Where it is used

The Blue Foot membrane modules can be used in any industrial or municipal wastewater treatment plant, sewage treatment plant or Membrane Bioreactor, to treat for wastewater reuse or to comply to discharge requirements.


New wastewater treatment plant realisation


The Blue Foot membrane modules and compact design leads to significantly lower investment costs. The minimal aeration requirements result in very low operational expenses.


Conventional wastewater treatment plant upgrade


Improve your existing, conventional wastewater treatment plant with Blue Foot membrane modules to improve effluent quality, increase capacity and save valuable space by decommissioning your space intensive clarifier. Start wastewater reuse by means of a compact, bolt-on membrane filtration section.


Existing Membrane Bioreactor retrofit


When considering membrane replacement of your membrane bioreactor, either due to underperformance, capacity limitation or end-of-life replacement of the existing membranes, think about using Blue Foot membrane modules to lower operational expenses or to expand capacity of your wastewater treatment plant using your existing tanks.


Containerized wastewater treatment solutions


The Blue Foot modular membrane modules available in  full height and half height fit optimally in tanks of any height. This enables maximum usage of available footprint with the lowest OPEX for containerized wastewater treatment solutions.

Does your wastewater treatment plant require an unbreakable membrane?