Livestock farms use a great deal of rinse water for which potable water is used. This water needs to be captured, stored and eventually trucked offsite to a wastewater treatment installation. Discharge is not an option, as it has a significant organic load. This is an excellent opportunity to close the loop by capturing and treating water onsite and reusing it for rinsing. There is no more need for potable water or groundwater extraction, and you can avoid expensive water discharge by truck.


An onsite Membrane Bioreactor with the right filtration technique holds back bacteria and viruses as well as other particles. A Blue Foot membrane is the ideal solution. The water is infinitely reusable.


Comply with all the rules


Farms have high environmental standards to meet and permits to apply for. Using expensive water resources and discharging wastewater can be a decisive factor for governments in granting those permits. Large volumes of water are used for cleaning. This water is often polluted with animal excrements, where different legislation comes into play and discharge becomes more complicated and expensive.


Reduce costs


It goes without saying that discharging wastewater by truck is an expensive matter. Onsite water treatment may have an initial investment cost, but it immediately makes a difference in operational costs.


Do more: reduce your carbon footprint and avoid tapping groundwater


Make your sustainable ambitions tangible: the amount of water that can be saved is immense and so are the transport emissions.

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