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Our membrane modules are utilized in various project types. The most straightforward project type is the new, greenfield wastewater treatment plant, but there are many other attractive uses. These membranes are ideal to upgrade an existing wastewater treatment plant, retrofitting membranes in an existing MBR, or use in mobile, containerized solution.


By using our membrane modules, you can improve the efficiency and performance of your wastewater treatment processes, regardless of the scale or complexity of your project. Our technology can help you meet the increasing demands of stricter regulations, reduce operational costs, and enhance the quality of treated water.

Where-it-is-used new

New wastewater treatment plant

The Blue Foot membrane modules and compact design leads to significantly smaller treatment plants and lower investment costs for equipment and civil construction. The minimal aeration requirements result in very low operational expenses. With a focus on sustainability, the plant ensures the protection of our natural resources while also minimizing the impact on the surrounding community.

Conventional wastewater treatment plant upgrade

Do you need to expand the capacity of your conventional wastewater treatment plant without expanding the civil structure? Do you need to improve the effluent quality? Is lowering your water footprint through reuse your goal? Whatever the case may be, by incorporating Blue Foot membrane modules you can achieve all these goals. By converting your existing plant to an MBR, you will free up valuable space by decommissioning your space-intensive secondary clarifiers. To allow for wastewater reuse, simply add a compact, bolt-on membrane filtration section.

Add-on new
Replacement new

Existing Membrane Bioreactor retrofit

Experiencing underperformance, capacity limitation or end-of-life replacement of existing membranes? Think about using Blue Foot membrane modules for membrane replacement in your membrane bioreactor. If required, the small footprint even allows for capacity expansion within the existing tanks of your wastewater treatment plant, while lowering operational expenses and operational simplicity.


Containerized wastewater treatment solutions

The Blue Foot modular membrane modules are available in full height and half height to optimally fit in a standard high-cube container. This enables maximum usage of available footprint with the lowest OPEX, even for containerized wastewater treatment solutions.

Containerized wastewater treatment solutions2

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