Let us help you to reuse your wastewater
with our IPC®️ membranes.

Blue Foot

A Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) is a high-performance solution for wastewater reuse.

The most critical component of any MBR is its membrane.

Blue Foot has developed an unbreakable membrane with a patented IPC technique that outperforms all others. We provide our OEM partners with most reliable membrane filtration technology available, offering optimal solutions for industrial and municipal customers.

Does your installation require an unbreakable membrane?

Unbreakable, even when backwashed.
This is the only flat sheet membrane in the world that can truly be backwashed. It’s easy to clean, even in the most challenging conditions. Our membrane will help you maximise your MBR’s uptime and minimise energy costs.
More facts about our membrane’s performance
Unbreakable, even under high pressure.
The stronger the sheet, the better the performance. With our membrane, you can double the output capacity and cut aeration costs in half.
More facts about our membrane’s performance
Unbreakable, even when stacked.
Our membrane is only 4 mm thick and features a patented module design, enabling up to three modules to be stacked. The result? A higher packing density, a lower footprint and a lower aeration demand. You will notice the difference in operational costs.
More facts about our membrane’s performance


Blue Foot

Meet Blue Foot at IFAT Munchen

Meet Blue Foot at IFAT MUNich. IFAT Munich is the world’s leading water trade fair for environmental  technologies. IFAT, being

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Wastewater treatment in food & beverage

The production of food and beverages requires plenty of process water. A membrane bioreactor treatment with the right membrane removes organics and retains bacteria as well as other particles. The result is a high-quality effluent, ready for reuse.

To take water reuse in your own hands, you need
reliable technology.

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