Let us help you to reuse your wastewater
with our IPC® membranes

Blue Foot

Believe in second chances? We absolutely do.

Our mission as a truly unique membrane provider, is to reuse your wastewater and give it a new life.

Our business is simple: wastewater enters a water treatment installation, clean water goes out to be reused. 

When considering wastewater treatment, you are taking reuse into your own hands. 

This will create a win-win situation for your business and the environment.


It’s up to all of us to improve the current state of resources. 

Especially water, the source of all life.

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Blue Foot's membrane

Our membrane

The membrane sheet is the most critical component of an MBR. Blue Foot has developed a unique membrane that is virtually unbreakable and can be truly backwashed. We combine the advantages of capillary membranes and flat sheet membranes into a single product, the best of both worlds.

Membrane BioReactor

Membrane BioReactor

A Membrane BioReactor (MBR) is a high-performance and compact wastewater treatment plant which combines biological treatment with membrane separation. This results in a high effluent quality suitable for reuse.

Blue Foot's products

Blue Foot's products

Our modular and stackable membrane modules make for a flexible membrane solution, that can easily adapt to your available space. We minimize footprint and energy consumption.



Blue Foot is active in a variety of segments, both industrial and municipal. Every segment is different but they all have something in common: water is the new gold. Take a look to see what this could mean to you.



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About us

About us

Blue Foot supplies reliable process technology for Membrane BioReactors on a production level.
But who are we and what drives us? Get to know us and our vision on sustainability.