How we work

Blue Foot

At Blue Foot, we are proud to collaborate with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the wastewater treatment industry. Our expertise lies in providing high-quality membranes specifically designed for Membrane BioReactors (MBRs). We do this for new plants, upgrades of existing conventional Wastewater Treatment Plants, replacement of membranes in existing MBRs and containerised solutions.



Here’s how it works: we partner with leading OEMs who specialize in building MBRs. These advanced systems utilize our IPC® membranes to ensure efficient and effective wastewater treatment solutions. We assist our partners with integration know-how to ensure outstanding results that not only benefit operations, but also contribute to the sustainable use of water worldwide.

End customer

While we don’t directly sell to end customers, we do engage them to demonstrate the advantages of our technology in an end-user setting. This supports our valued OEMs to get their own message across, providing enhanced performance and reliability of their MBR systems.

Win - win

What sets Blue Foot apart is our dedication to research and development. Our team of experts is continuously innovating to produce membranes that excel in durability, fouling resistance, and overall performance. As a result, our OEM partners can offer MBR solutions with the lowest footprint and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership, which meet the strictest environmental regulations.


When you choose Blue Foot, you’re not just selecting a membrane module; you’re gaining a reliable and knowledgeable partner committed to the success of your wastewater treatment projects. Our collaboration with leading OEMs ensures outstanding results and it leads the way towards a brighter and more sustainable future.




Join forces

Together, Let’s create a cleaner and healthier world, where wastewater is no longer a burden but a valuable resource that benefits both industries and the environment.

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