Rendac - coping with increasing wastewater flow within the available footprint.



The expansion of Rendac’s production capacity led to the need to increase the wastewater treatment capacity as well, while remaining compliant with the existing environmental legislation. The additional capacity had to be realized in the existing and very limited footprint, which was a challenge ideal for a compact membrane filtration system.


To meet the needs of Rendac the original wastewater treatment design was upgraded by adding aeration capacity to accommodate the increased organic load. Sludge separation is now handled by 8 IPC® Flex Navy towers, installed in a standardized and very compact membrane tank.


By optimising the aeration units in the CAS plant, Pantarein was able to expand the biological treatment capacity and reduce the hydraulic retention time in the bioreactor. The membrane section, containing about 1.800 m² of IPC® membranes in a dedicated tank with a footprint of only 22 m², doubles the wastewater treatment capacity from 720 m³/day to 1.440 m³/day.

Customer: Rendac, part of Darling Ingredients Inc.

Location: Denderleeuw Belgium

Sector: Industrial / animal waste rendering

Partner(s): Pantarein


Phase 1: IPC® Flex Navy 2W8 (16 modules) 
Phase 2: IPC® Flex Navy 3W8 (24 modules) 
Phase 3: IPC® Flex Navy 3W16 (48 modules)


Phase 1: March 2019
Phase 2: October 2019
Phase 3: Q2 – 2022