The Lakes – minimizing a holiday park’s impact on the surrounding nature


The lakes by Yoo at Lechlade, United Kingdom, includes 186 properties, 36 apartments, a spa, a management office and a restaurant. The environment is stunning for the residents and visitors who have their second or holiday home there. But this environment is also vulnerable and regulations on wastewater are strict. Also, the groundwater levels in the area are high and this has an impact on technical possibilities. The biggest challenge, however, is the variable flux of the park. Ranging from 50-70 m3/d during weekdays and up to 380 m3/d during weekends and national holidays.


In a municipal setting like this, an MBR is a compact and easy-to-handle solution.

New Forest Solutions already manage the MBR plant on site. However, the installed membrane system is too small for the increasing size of the development.

In this case, high groundwater levels limit the maximum tank depth and cause the collection of wastewater to be done by a vacuum system, which allows smaller pipes than classic sewage systems.

Together we will replace the membrane modules and increase the capacity at once.


First and foremost, our membranes offer the reliability that our partner and our customer need. Our MBR solution guarantees a very high-quality effluent water that is needed in this environment.

Customer: Coln Park Construction LLC

Location: The Lakes by Yoo, Lechlade UK

Sector: Municipal

Partner(s): New Forest Solutions Ltd

Size: 6 IPC® 80 modules in a single-deck configuration

Start-up: End of 2021

This is a cocreative partnership. BelleAqua specializes in small-scale wastewater treatment for private homes and farms. Both parties explored whether the Blue Foot membrane can be an interesting ingredient for BelleAqua’s plants. Soon the idea arose to proactively develop an industry-specific solution for this wastewater problem.