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Lommel Belgium – Selangor Malaysia

Blue Foot Membranes Partners with Aquakimia for wastewater treatment plant.

Lommel, 16/06/2023 – Blue Foot Membranes, supplier of IPC® membranes, proudly announces its successful collaboration with Aquakimia for their end customer operating in the palm oil industry. The end customer is determined to reduce their water and carbon footprint by complying with the RSPO objectives.

The long-term partnership between Blue Foot and Aquakimia demonstrates their commitment to advancing sustainable waterreuse technologies.


The installation, located in Indonesia, marks a significant milestone in the wastewater treatment in the palm oil industry. Blue Foot’s IPC® membrane solutions will be integrated into a larger renewable energy and water recovery project. With the Blue Foot IPC® technology, the water reuse system will enhance the efficiency and performance
of this site. The project signifies the combined expertise and dedication of both companies to revolutionize the way water is treated and to promote environmental solutions.


“We are very proud to collaborate with
Aquakimia once again for this project with a final capacity of 4400 m3.
Being selected as the preferred partner is a testament to their trust in our IPC® technology solutions,” said Roel Slotman, CCO at Blue Foot Membranes.
“We look forward to continuing our journey together in executing this project.”


BP Chow, CEO of Aquakimia, comments:
“Together, we aim to set new benchmarks in the wastewater industry and drive positive change for a more sustainable future”.


By working alongside leading organizations like Aquakimia, Blue Foot Membranes aims to accelerate the adoption of their
advanced membrane technologies and create a positive and lasting impact on water resources worldwide.


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About Blue Foot Membranes

Blue Foot Membranes is a provider of advanced membrane solutions for wastewater treatment applications.
With their IPC® membranes, Blue Foot Membranes aims to revolutionize the water treatment
industry by delivering cutting-edge, sustainable, and efficient solutions.
Blue Foot Membranes is committed to addressing the global challenges of water scarcity.


About Aquakimia

Aquakimia is a leading provider of comprehensive water treatment solutions, specializing in the design,
installation, and operation of water treatment systems within Southeast Asia.
With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, Aquakimia aims to deliver high-quality water purification solutions.